The 50s:
The company was founded by Christian Böttcher in 1952. This was a risky and brave undertaking after the chaos of WWII and the division of Germany.

The 60s:
After weathering the storm of the 50s with hard work and courage, the family business further developed during this decade.

The 70s:
The company had to adjust to the difficult circumstances of a planned economy in Eastern Germany and carry out transportation jobs which were designated by a central administration. Günther Böttcher, the founder’s son, began working in the business.

The 80s:
During these years the old trucks were replaced by East German ‘W 50’ which were build up at home in a ‘do-it-yourself’ manner.

German Reuinification:
The political and economical restructuring in Germany caused a wind of change in the company, too. Even though it was difficult in the beginning investments were made. Despite the risks of the free market the founder seized the opportunities and assured a stable, competitive stake in the market.

The 90s:
During the decade positive development was assured by constantly expanding and modernizing the fleet and adapting to new market requirements. Growing rapidly, ‘Spedition Böttcher’ became a reliable and high-performing parnter.

The new century:
We expanded our operational area to the new EU-member countries. Our services also include special orders. You could find our trucks all over Europe, from Scandinavia to the Canaries.

Germany, Benelux and all across Europe, our trucks are at home on the roads everywhere. Being a family run business in the 3rd generation, we guarantee that your valuable goods arrive safely and on time.